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Want to work with us?
Want to work with us?

We're experiencing significant growth and actively seeking talented and passionate individuals to join our team. If you're eager to work with us, we're equally eager to work with you! Let us know what you can bring to the table. Feel free to send your resume, portfolio, or any other relevant details to:

Currently, we have openings in the following roles:

Sketch Artists
We are in search of talented sketch artists who can bring a unique and imaginative perspective to the world of jewelry design. If you possess a flair for creativity and can breathe life into unconventional jewelry concepts through your sketches, we invite you to join our team of visionary sketch artists. Remote.

Marketing Specialist
Join our team as a Marketing Specialist. Boost our brand's presence by engaging with the community, expanding our customer base, and achieving results-driven success through social media, digital campaigns, and influencer collaborations. Remote.

Taste Maker
Join us as a Taste Maker and be the driving force behind elevating our brand through your extensive network in the fashion and art worlds. Leverage your influential connections to forge creative collaborations, curate compelling styles, and shape our brand's unique identity. If there isn’t a door you can’t get into, we want you! New York, Miami, Los Angeles

Brand Ambassadors
We’re hiring Brand Ambassadors! Your primary responsibilities include creating stylish and engaging content that showcases our exquisite pieces while embodying the brand's values and aesthetics. Additionally, you'll have the exciting opportunity to represent us at events, where your fashion-forward approach will help us connect with our audience and elevate our brand.

Customer Service
We're looking for dedicated Customer Service Representatives to join our remote team. As a key point of contact, you'll assist customers with their inquiries, leveraging your interest in jewelry to provide friendly, articulate, and reliable support. Your consistent and careful approach, combined with your creative problem-solving skills, will ensure exceptional customer experiences as you actively listen, gather information accurately, and take meticulous notes to resolve inquiries effectively. Remote.

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