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Do you offer colored stones? Gemstones?
Absolutely! If you want it we can get it. We're delighted to present an extensive range of colored gemstones, including popular gems like sapphires in stunning blue hues, emeralds known for their rich green color, rubies radiating a vibrant red, amethysts in captivating purple, and aquamarines with their serene blue tones. Our collection encompasses a wide spectrum of colors and gemstone varieties, ensuring you'll find the perfect gem to suit your preferences.
Do you offer lab-grown gems and diamonds?
Absolutely! A lab-grown gem can be a great choice, both as a budget choice and for those who prefer a ring with no connection to the mining process. We're happy to talk you through the trade-offs, and to show you both mined and lab-grown center stone options.
Are your diamonds conflict free?
Yes! All diamonds that we source and sell comply with the Kimberley Process, set up in 2003 to prevent diamond purchases from financing civil wars in Africa and across the globe. Some customers are looking for additional peace of mind on issues like wages and working conditions. If that is the case for you, we recommend either lab-grown diamonds (genuine diamonds created in a lab instead of mined).
Where do your gems and diamonds come from? Can I browse your inventory?
Since every piece we make is custom, we source each stone individually, to suit the design and the specific needs of each customer.As with the rest of our design process, our team will guide you through the center stone selection process. We start by figuring out what's important to you in a diamond or gemstone, whether it's budget, origin, size, or simply the overall look. With that in mind, we research and prepare a set of options that we think would work for you from around the world.
What type of diamonds do you have?
We are proud to be in partnership with one of the largest diamond suppliers in the world. This partnership allows us to offer you a limitless range of diamonds, including natural and lab-grown options, all certified by the world's leading institutions, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and IGI (International Gemological Institute). With the full range of sizes, cuts, and grades sourced from around the globe. Whether you're looking for a classic round cut, unique princess cut, or otherwise, our partnership ensures that we can provide you with exceptional options.
What types of metal do you use?
We offer a diverse range of metals to suit your preferences, including platinum, palladium, and various gold options such as yellow, rose, and white in 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k. Additionally, for alternate colors of gold, we can use rhodium to meet your specific design desires.
If I have my own diamond, would CDG build a new setting for it?
Yes we create settings for any size and shape center-stone that you have. We can do so by going off the measurements stated on the diamond certificate. It is however recommended for us to have the diamond in hand to ensure a 100% perfect fit.We can email you a fully insured shipping label for your diamond which can easily be printed out and taken to your nearest shipping center. You must also include a Return Shipping Authorization form which we will email to you as well. The price for the label would range anywhere from $50 to $200 depending on the value of your stone.
How do I insure my jewelry against loss or damage?
To protect your investment, we recommend making sure your jewelry is insured under a homeowners, renters, or individual jewelry insurance policy. This is a common service that your insurer will be happy to provide. Insurance is particularly important for engagement rings with valuable center stones.We don't offer insurance ourselves, but we give you all the information you need to make getting coverage straightforward. We send a Detailed Receipt for Insurance Purposes with every purchase, which contains the product and retail price information your insurance company will need to set up your policy.We recommend Jeweler’s Mutual as the most reputable, easy to work with company to insure your jewelry.
Do you offer resizing?
If the size isn't quite right, just let us know within 365 days of purchase and we'll do one resizing for free.We still recommend doing the best you can to get the size right the first time around. Not all pieces can be resized and size changes aren't always possible without remaking the piece from scratch. We’ll remake your project if that’s what’s required, but it does mean you’ll be without your piece during that time, which we know can be hard!
What are NFTs?
NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are digital files that represent a unique asset – whether physical or digital, such as, a piece of art, a video, real estate, or your CDG jewelry. Using revolutionary technology, this non-fungible token records the purchase date, the artist’s name, the work’s title and medium, an image of the physical work, as well as the year of creation and where it was produced. Like physical art an NFT can be sold but you can retain the IP, or offer it to the buyer, or decide the on a percentage of secondary sales an owner can have. Your design will forever be memorialized as your original creation in the digital world.
What type of jewelry do you make?
We are a custom jewelry agency, which means there's no predefined product line—your imagination is our canvas. Whether it's a stunning engagement ring, a one-of-a-kind necklace, a bespoke crown, or any jewelry piece you can dream of, we're here to turn your ideas into exquisite reality.We thrive on the excitement of creating something entirely unique for each customer. Your imagination is the starting point, and together, we'll craft jewelry that is as special and individual as you are.It should be said, we are not limited to traditional jewelry categories. Feel free to be as daring as you want to be. We can't wait to do something the world has never seen before!